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Ephesus Tour

 The tour begins by visiting the remains of the Artemis Temple, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Afterwards, it proceeds to the spectacular main site of Ephesus, undoubtedly the most superbly preserved Greco-Roman city. Unmistakable highlights surviving among the ruins are the Celsius Library, Agora, Theater, Odeon, Trajan Fountain, Domitianus Temple and Roman Latrines. Following a lunch break, visit the House of Virgin Mary; reputed to be where she spent her final days.

Pamukkale Tour

After breakfast drive to Pamukkale which is the center of natural thermal spring waters with healing properties. Due to the chemical properties in the water, pure white colored travertines and stepped water terraces have been created on the mountain slope. It is for its resemblence to cotton piles that it is called 'Cotton Castle' in Turkish.
Visit the travertines and the ancient city of Hierapolis which has the biggest Nekropol with 1200 gravestones in Anatolia. The sacred pool also is one of the highlights of the site. There shallow thermal waters ripple over a wonderful scattering of ancient roman ruins that lie beneath

Pergamum Tour

After breakfast drive to ancient city of Pergamon, enter the Red Court, a precinct of successive religious worship - evident in the various transformations of a formerly pagan temple to a Byzantine basilica, eventually to a mosque. Following a lunch break, drive up to the Asclepion on the hilltop, once a world-renowned medical center of physicians and scholars. Afterwards, visit the impressive remains of the Acropolis

Priene - Miletus - Didyma Tour

Begin the day among the Hellenic art and architecture of the ruins in Priene, an ancient Ionian city dramatically overlooking the fertile plains of the Meandre Valley. Afterwards, continue to the second archaeological site of the day; the ancient city of Miletus, formerly a prosperous commercial harbor city and the most prominent in Anatolia in its heyday. Most noteworthy among the scattered ruins are the Great Theater and Roman Baths. Eventually, the tour reaches Didim town, where there is time for an open buffet lunch. Following that, the tour proceeds to the ancient city of Didyma, the setting for one of the most colossal temples in the Hellenic World, venerating the God Apollo





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50% reduction for children under 12
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Transportation from Istanbul to Izmir (Ephesus)

  Departure Arrival Carrier
By bus 21:30 08:00 Aydin Tourism
By bus 22:00 08:30 Pamukkale Tourism
By flight 06:35 07:35 Onur Air (Charter company)
By flight Every Hour   Turkish Airlines

Transportation from Izmir (Ephesus) to Istanbul

  Departure Arrival Carrier
By bus 21:30 08:00 Aydin  Tourism
By bus 22:00 08:30 Pamukkale Tourism
By flight 17:00 18:00 Onur Air (Charter company)
By flight 22:00 23:00 Onur Air (Charter company)
By flight Every Hour   Turkish Airlines